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Flava Flav. Tila Tequila. Bret Michaels. Tiffany “New York” Pollard.

And now...Sophie Dishwater.

​Put your claws up! After 20 years underground and four years adjusting to her human skin, sewer fairy-turned-socialite Sophie Dishwater is ready to find love on THE RINSE OFF!, her new virtual reality dating competition series.

Six sexy specimens have been selected to compete for the chance to start a life with Sophie. Armed with skills in drag, burlesque, comedy, and dance, each romantic suitor delivers their own unique performance to win Sophie’s heart. With the love and support of Sharon,
THE RINSE OFF!’s disembodied narrator, and Dawn, her pet rat from the sewers, Sophie makes the impossible decision of choosing someone to send home. WHO WILL SOPHIE RINSE AWAY?!

Produced with Queer & Now.

Providence Fringe Festival

July 2021


Director Lily Filippatos

Stage Manager Afrikah Smith

Assistant Stage Manager KriolX

Dramaturgy Cake Blanchett

Associate Producer María Milagros

Writers Mx. NASTDEEE, Melissabeth, Pam Chowda, Jessie Junk, María Milagros, Alan Wrench, and Stella Luna; original cabaret material by KriolX and Scarlett Glitter

Ensemble ACID X, Alan Wrench, Jessie Junk, María Milagros, Melissabeth (as Sophie Dishwater) MerMx, Mx. NASTDEEE, Pam Chowda (as Dawn), Scarlett Glitter (as Paisley Jackson), and Stella Luna