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Photo by Nour Annan




Little Lamb is a new kind of church service—one where the Songbird Supreme, global superstar, and gay icon Mariah Carey is our Lord and Savior.


The performance takes inspiration from the artist’s experience: a Catholic upbringing in Boston, Massachusetts that led into a secular search for faith in gay iconography. The artist—drag performer Melissabeth—assumes the role of the Priest, dahlings, leading the audience through selections from Mariah’s music catalogue, an autobiographical sermon, and an offering of Mimi’s festive spirit through symbolic food and drink. Little Lamb asks the artist and the audience: can the stale structures of a Catholic mass lay the foundation for something new and beautiful?

Photography by Nour Annan, Bai Tsai Luo, and Eugenie H-W


Performer and Writer Garrett Sager

Performer and Stage Manager Erik Long

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