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Photo by Jen Gately



A life-changing transformation from the Christian Mother Mary into the Yoruba water deity Oxum.

An entrance into the raunchy world of Marie Antoinette and her gender fluid lover Tomas du Pan.

An alternate ending to the tragic life of Judy Garland. ​


Queer & Now: A Lip Sync Spectacular is a theatrical experience featuring seven vignettes of drag, lip sync, and dance, each helmed by a member of the devising ensemble. Each scene offers one perspective of queerness, one possible transformation, one celebration, and one dissent. Together the vignettes become a tapestry of our lived experiences, our questions, our desires, and our possibilities.

Trailer by Alyssa Labrie; footage by Dr. Megan Lewis


Director and Producer Garrett Sager

Dramaturg Fig Lefevre and Helen Woods

​Lighting Designer Jordan Mitchell

Makeup & Hair Designer Sarah Talaid

Sound Designer Ethan Gourlay, Olivia Holcomb, Alyssa Labrie, Fig Lefevre, and Garrett Sager

Costume Designer Jordan Reed and ensemble

Stage Manager Olivia Hall (2017); Afrikah Selah and Maeve Connolly (2018)

Choreographer Alyssa Labrie (2018)

Ensemble Faolain Bobersky, Jessie Junk, Lucas La Guardia, Cynthia Lizardo, Melissabeth, and MerMx

Photography by Jen Gately


UMass Amherst French Hall

Amherst, MA

December 2017 (premiere)

UMass Fine Arts Center 204

Amherst, MA

March 2018


Featured in dramaturg Fig Lefevre's chapter "Lip-Syncing for Our Lives: Queering Dissent in Queer & Now: A Lip-Sync Spectacular" in The Palgrave Handbook of Queer and Trans Feminisms in Contemporary Performance (published September 2021)

"Though the lip-sync showcases a talented cast full of ferocity and grace, the piece stands as a challenge to anti-LGBTQ rhetoric with empowering images and tangible moments of cast members embracing their identities and showcasing their journeys to achieve this autonomy.” —UMass College of Humanities & Fine Arts

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