"Mother is the invention of necessity." —Sasha Velour

Born out of a desire to keep creating during the pandemic, Queer & Now has pivoted to producing digital cabarets via Zoom, showcasing original recordings and live performances of drag, lip-sync, burlesque, comedy, and dance.




  • Queers in Bloom, Queers in Zoom (April 11)

  • Prom (May 23)

  • Geminis 4 Justice (June 6) 

  • Gay Coincidence (June 27)

  • Cancers 4 Change (July 11)

  • Justice X Fenty: A Tribute to Rihanna (July 25)

  • Leos 4 Liberation (August 8)

  • Miss Topia (August 22)

  • Back 2 School (September 19)

  • Night Terrors (October 24)

  • Last Call (December 31)


  • Age of Aquarius (January 30)

  • A Sliv of Love with Sophie Dishwater (February 27)

  • PAN-O-RAMA: A Year in Review: The Documentary: Reunion Edition (April 24)

Featuring performances from ACID X, Alan Wrench, Allergen Dessert, Cake Blanchett, CeCe Crème, Claire Voyänt, Donna Matrix, Elisabitch, Geo Storm, Gina Spot, JAY PEG, Jessie Junk, María Milagros, Melissabeth, MerMx, Kriolx, Pam Chowda, Sarah Tonin, Scarlett Glitter, Stella Luna, Tara Bull, Tomorrow Nite, and Zaddi WhörebuXXX; support and creation by Afrikah Smith and Thea

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Many of these cabarets have been performed in the spirit of mutual aid for our community. So far, Queer & Now has raised over $1600 for the following funds and community events: 

I encourage you to also support these individuals, collectives, funds, and grassroots organizations in need of support.