ENIGMA by Floyd Dell is a 1915 one-act with a simple enough presence: two lovers ending their relationship due to infidelity. What unravels, however, is a story rich in the pitfalls of miscommunication, distance, and the lengths we go due to unrequited love.

Re-imagined for an age of virtual connection, required social distancing, and the looming threats towards our most salient identities, this rendition of ENIGMA experiments with the ways we break apart and piece together relationships through the digital.

Utilizing chat boxes, video calls, glitches, audience interaction, and personal stories, ENIGMA strives to replicate the immersive, ephemeral experience of the theater onto the screen.

Directed by Irisdelia Garcia

Stage Managed by Afrikah Smith

Rehearsals begin September 2020; production runs November 13–15

Description above written by director Irisdelia Garcia.



A healing ceremony for Britney Spears and Janet Jackson—linked by their shared destructive relationship to celebrity and J*st*n T*mb*rl*ke. A night where we cleanse the past, with verbatim readings of callous tabloids, re-imaginings of iconic (yet damaging) imagery, and an insertion of Instagram into the narrative of paparazzi.

Collaboration with Jordan Reed

Workshop and development

Brooklyn, NY / Digital

February 2020–ongoing